What could improve a blog…

This is a post for Challenge #4 of the student blogging challenge.


Character and voice could really improve a blog. A blog can be really boring if it just says ” This happened and something else in the comic.” But if I add my character and voice, ” Green Lantern issue 56 was AWESOME! When Larfleeze said he wanted to be a queen, that was hilarious! I wonder what Carol Ferris is going to do as the Queen of the Zamarons?” There, I have a spicy sentence sandwich. So remember true believers, character and voice is the key to life!… On a blog. So take this knowledge and try your best.

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

Yeah, yeah Yoda.

2 thoughts on “What could improve a blog…

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  2. I agree that a blog can be boring if you jut put “this happened to him.” People should put more descriptive things in blogs so that they present a better picture to the readers.
    P.S- I like your Yoda quote.

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